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Amendment to the Workforce Programs Guide

This document replaces a portion of Section III – Fiscal Requirements in the Workforce Programs Guide, Part 1:

  1. All references to the “Division of Workforce Solutions (DWS)” are replaced by the “Division of Employment & Training (DET)”.
  2. Subsection III.C on page 1-36 is edited as follows:
    • Under 1. Financial Status Reports (FSR)., the first sentence of paragraph b. Accrued Expenditures. is replaced with the following:

      The FSR must be prepared on an accrual basis for Department of Labor (DOL) programs. Reported expenditures are cash expenditures plus accrued expenditures.
    • Under 1. Financial Status Reports (FSR)., a new paragraph c. is added:

      c. Unliquidated Obligations. Report the amount of all obligations incurred for which an expenditure has not been recorded. This includes the unexpended portion of awards to sub-grantees and contractors. The net increase or decrease of unliquidated obligations for the reporting month is reported. Note that when a subcontract is issued, the total amount must be reported for the month that it is put into place. As expenditures occur against the obligation(s), the unliquidated obligation(s) amounts should decrease accordingly. On the final report this line must total to zero.
  3. Subsection III.E on page 1-38 is deleted and replaced with the following:

    E.  Procedures for Invoicing DWD for Reimbursement

    1.  Invoice Preparation

    Grantees must submit invoices to DWD/Bureau of Financial Management (DWD Finance) on the appropriate Expenditure Report form, using the instructions provided. The Division of Employment & Training (DET) may issue additional instructions for invoice preparation. Requests must be based on actual immediate cash needs. Forms are located on the DWD website at: http://dwd.wisconsin.gov/core/wia/wiaforms.htm

    2.  Invoice Processing Timeframes

    1. Expenditure Report forms are due by 4:30 PM each Thursday. Payments are made by ACH deposit to the grantee agency’s bank account the following Tuesday.
      1. If a grantee agency finds itself unable to meet the Thursday deadline, or has unexpected invoices arrive after it has filed its weekly report, the agency should contact DWD Finance by no later than 9:00 AM on Friday morning to determine if a revised expenditure report may still be included in the week’s payment batch.
      2. If unforeseen circumstances cause a grantee agency to need cash reimbursement prior to the normal weekly deadline, the agency may email a request for an “emergency payment” to the DWD Finance grants processing address. The request should include an explanation justifying the need for the emergency request. Emergency payments may be processed at the discretion of DWD, with each grantee agency generally being permitted no more than two such emergency requests in a given calendar year.
    2. Each state holiday that falls within the regular workweek (M-F) usually changes the processing timeframes by one day. For the state holiday schedule, see the DWD website at: http://dwd.wisconsin.gov/core/resources/payment_schedule.htm#holiday

    3.  Payments Withheld

    DWD reserves the right to withhold a cash payment if the grantee agency is not in current compliance with its contract(s) and the requirements of this Workforce Programs Guide. Examples may include:

    • Failure to comply with the reporting requirements in section III.C of this Workforce Programs Guide.
    • Failure to timely submit reports required by its contract(s) with DWD.
  4. Section III.J on pages 1-54 to 1-55 is edited as follows:

    • Under 1. Audit., part a(2), paragraph (e) is replaced with the following:

      (e) Complies with the State Single Audit Guidelines issued by the Wisconsin Department of Administration, published at http://ssag.state.wi.us. The audit report is due nine months after the grantee’s year end or 30 days from completion of the audit, whichever is sooner.

    • Under 1. Audit., part a(2), paragraph (f) is deleted.

    • Under 1. Audit., part a(2), paragraph (g) is renumbered as paragraph (f) and replaced with the following:

      (f) Complies with the current edition of OMB Circular A-133 and related compliance supplements, as published at http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/grants_circulars/, for grantees that are nonprofit organizations, institutions of higher education, or units of state or local governments.

February 18, 2014
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