Special Program Reports


W-2 Monitoring Reports

These reports will aid counties and private agencies with W-2 monitoring. Both are available on the web at http://dwd.wisconsin.gov/core/reports/w-2_monitoring.htm, and include information through the most recent expenditure report month.

Expenditure Monitoring

The 2 year contract amounts are compared to the actual and estimated expenditure information that the counties/private agencies have submitted to DWD, except the Benefits expenditures are based on the county/private agencies data from CARES.

  • Incentive contracts are included in the contract total.
  • Monthly contract amounts are based on a straight-line allocation method.
  • Any changes in the contract allocations are included in this report. Please refer to the allocation spreadsheet for the original allocations.

Informational Codes

This report compares the amounts reported by agencies under the 25xx informational codes to the proportionate contract amount-to-date.

RMS Cost Allocation

This report should be used to determine if the CORe staff has received your shared cost report.  The direct cost report will not be processed (paid) until DWD receives the monthly shared cost report and the employee count report.

The report is available on the web at http://dwd.wisconsin.gov/core/reports/rms_cost_allocation.htm. (Note: The RMS allocation is shown for reference, but is not used for reimbursing agencies.)


WIA and Related Programs Accrual Report by Agency - FSR

Only Financial Status Report (FSR) accrual expenditures (2xxx) and the unliquidated obligations (4xxx) are included on this report. The Contract Balance Report includes details on the cash reimbursements.

The report has two tabs (see bottom left of report): "WIA FSR Expenditures" and "WIA Accrued Exp and Unliquidated Obligations."

  • The WIA FSR Expenditures tab lists the FSR expenditures for active grants through the indicated month.
  • The Accrued Expenditures and Unliquidated Obligations tab compares these amounts to the contract amount through the indicated month. If the FSR available balance is negative (except for "memo only" codes), the agency needs to resolve the issue or contact the DWD CORe Team for assistance.  Total accrued expenditures plus total unliquidated obligations should never exceed the contract amount.

This report is found on the web at http://dwd.wisconsin.gov/core/reports/wia_accrual_contract_balance.htm.

WIA and Related Programs - Comparison of Expenditures by Type

This report groups all codes related to a contract and is useful for an overall review of an agency’s contracts. The report includes the contract amount, the amounts reported each month for each expenditure type, and the total amounts reported to date.

This report is found on the web at http://dwd.wisconsin.gov/core/reports/wia_comparison_of_exp_by_types.htm.

This report provides answers to the following example review questions:

  • Does cash requested seem reasonable compared to the amount of accrued expenditures reported?
  • Do either the total cash requested or total accrued expenditures exceed the contract amount?
  • Does the sum of total accrued expenditures and total unliquidated obligations exceed the contract amount?
  • What has been reported to date for program income revenue and program income expenses?

At contract closeout, the following must be true: 

  1. cash requested equals accrued expenditures (not to exceed contract amount),
  2. unliquidated obligations total to zero, and
  3. program income revenue equals program income expenses.

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