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Finding and Getting to CORe Reports

CORe Agency reports are updated each night on the CORe web pages. From the CORe home page at, click on CORe Reports in the Quick Links box.

After you click to select one of the reports, you will generally see a screen where you may choose which calendar year and/or month you wish to view. Reports that review historical data for a longer period of time, such as the Quarterly Trend Analysis for expenditures, will simply provide a link to the single report.

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Navigating Within the CORe Reports

For example, if you select a month under Contract Balance by Agency, the following will be displayed. You’ll notice Program names listed towards the bottom left (W-2, Child Support, Refugee, etc.). Click on these to navigate between the groups. You’ll also notice the Agency names on the left side under the word “Sections." You will use these to navigate between Agencies, within each program group.

example screen Contract Balance report

To quickly navigate to a specific Agency, first click in the blue agency list to establish this is the section you want to search on. Then using your keyboard, hold down the control CTRL key and the F key. This will bring up the following dialog box:

example screen Contract Balance agency search

Type in the Agency you are searching for and it will bring you to that Agency. Click on the Agency name to obtain the selected report.

If you wish to see just one agency's report, without the navigation links, right-click on the Agency name and select "Open in New Window."

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Printing CORe Reports

When printing the CORe report, you are using the web browser’s print capabilities. To print a page, first click on the white page portion of the report you want to print. This establishes which frame you wish to print.

Select File/Print Preview, and choose the option to print "only the selected frame":

example screen Contract Balance print preview

Click on Page Setup, and select the print layout options that best fit the report. Most of the CORe reports work best printed 'landscape' on legal or ledger size paper.

example screen Contract Balance Page Set-up button example screen Page Set-up

Special note re: Bank Deposits Reconciliation report: If you have more than 10-12 payment transactions during a calendar year, the Bank Deposits by Agency tab becomes too large to be printed from the web page. We recommend that you follow the directions below to save the data to Excel, and print your selected information from there. OR, try using the PDF versions and print selected pages from there.

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Saving Data to Excel

One of the benefits to this style of presentation is the ability to quickly get the information into Excel without manually re-keying.  There are two options for saving the data:

  1. Copy/Paste:
    • Right click your mouse in the white area of the report, and choose "Select All."
    • Next right click again and choose "Copy."
    • Open Excel and "Paste" the document into a spreadsheet.
    Note: All "Total" formulas will be lost when the data is copied to Excel. Also, spreadsheet formatting may need to be adjusted.

  2. Export:
    • Right click your mouse in the report data, and choose "Export to Microsoft Excel."
    • All data will be loaded to Excel - except headers identifying the month, agency, etc. are not exported.
    Note: This option does not appear in all web browsers. As in the copy/paste method, only numbers are exported; all "Total" formulas will be lost.

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