CORe (Central Office Reporting System)

CORe is DWD’s grant reporting and payment system.  Effective July 1, 2008, CORe is being used to process both DWD grant programs and programs that transferred to the Department of Children & Families (DCF).

Updates can be found on the CORe homepage at

CORe Reports are published to the web nightly at The date of the last update is located in the upper corner of the reports. For tips on printing the reports or saving to Excel, see:

CORe Reports

If you have 5 minutes or less a month to look CORe reports:
Use the Contract Balance Report
If you want to verify that your agency's expense reports have been received by DWD:
Use Expenditure Information
If you want to confirm your agency was paid properly:
Use Payment Information
If you are a W2 agency:
Check the W-2 monitoring report
If you are a WDB agency or have a WIA-related contract:
Check the WIA monitoring reports

Contract Balance by Agency

Shows a ‘snapshot’ of your agency’s status through the month you select.


Detail descriptions of the report columns are included below the listing of report months on the Contract Balance report page.

Expenditure Information

The primary report on this page is the Monthly Expense Detail. For the selected calendar year, the report lists all of your agency's expenditures by report month.

Expenditures are listed by the line codes used on your Excel Expenditure Report form. If a month is not listed for your agency, it means your report has not been received by DWD to be processed in the CORe system.

Additional options for reviewing/analyzing expenditure information:

Agency Contract Detail - Monthly
For each contract, lists expenditures submitted for reimbursement and the actual reimbursement for the selected month. Useful if you need to reconcile agency-reported and state-uploaded expenditures.
Quarterly Expense Analysis
Lists expenditures by contract and line code for each agency by calendar year quarter since January 2004. The report is useful to look for expense trends over a longer period than is possible with the monthly expense detail report.

Payment Information

The primary report on this page is the Bank Reconciliation Report, which shows payments sorted by (1) deposit date, or (2) by agency.

To find information about your agency's payment on a specific date:

  1. Select the first tab, "Payments by Bank Deposit Date."
  2. In the left column, go to the date the deposit appears on the bank statement (or the date that you expect to receive a payment) and locate your agency.
  3. Click on your agency's name to see the detail report for your payment.

The second tab, "Bank Deposits by Agency" shows all payments made to your agency during the selected year. At year-end, the report may be printed to take the place of an audit confirmation; PDF files are available for ease of printing.

Additional options for reviewing/analyzing payment information:

Payments by individual Expenditure Report Month:
If multiple payments were made to your agency for an expenditure report month, this report subtotals the amounts by payment batch and shows the grand total for the month.
Monthly Payment Detail for calendar year:
This report mirrors the Monthly Expense Detail report, but shows the reimbursement payments made for each Expenditure Report month during the selected year.

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