WIA and Related Programs - Comparison of Expenditures by Types

These reports will aid agencies with reconciling the expenditure information among various expenditure types. There is one report which covers the complete history of DPN Contracts and one which covers all other active WIA & Related Contracts. This latter report also includes a tab showing expenditures by Line Code (e.g. Youth Out-of-School and Youth In-School totaling to the WIA Youth contract).

WIA and related programs agencies request weekly cash reimbursements. These cash requests are completed on CORe codes 0XXX. Monthly, these agencies are required to submit the accrued expenditures and additional financial information (unliquidated obligations, program income revenue, program income expenditures, and memo codes). The expenditure types are listed below:

Expenditure Type Contract Codes
Cash Request 0XXX
Accrued Expenditures 2XXX
Unliquidated Obligations 4XXX
Program Income Revenue 6XXX
Program Income Expenses 8XXX

Please contact the DWD CORe Team with any questions.

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