CORe Payments by Expenditure Month

This report lists reimbursement payments made to agencies by individual expenditure month. The report columns are described below the table.

Prepayments, if any, are listed in the first month of the contract. For example, if your contract starts in 2010, the prepayment detail is included in the January 2010 report.

For payment data sorted by bank deposit date, see the Bank Deposits Reconciliation. For future report due dates and direct deposit dates, see the CORe Payment Schedule.

Calendar Year 2015 Calendar Year 2014 Calendar Year 2013

Contract #

The CORe contract code number.

Contract Name

The name of the CORe contract code.

Calc Date

Date the payment was calculated by the CORe system. If your expenditure report was emailed after this date, your bank deposit will not be completed until the next payment cycle.

Bank Deposit Date

From January 2006 onward, this report includes the payment calculation date and the bank deposit date (Date ACH payment made). Prior to that date, the report for treasurers only includes the payment calculation date.


The amount of the payment calculated from agency submitted expenses plus any state adjustments for the month.


The amount of prepayments made the month of the report.

Total Payments

The sum of Payment and Prepayment for the month for each Contract number.

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