CORe Reporting Instructions

WIA Expenditure Line Codes

The following definitions apply to reporting accrued expenditures for WIA Title 1 adult, dislocated worker, and state rapid response programs:

Core and Intensive Services
"Core and Intensive Services" are costs incurred in providing core and intensive services, including staff costs, of services such as case management, assessment and testing, job readiness, stand-alone basic skills and ESL instruction and job placement.

"Training" costs are the direct costs of training, such as: tuition, books, fees, OJT reimbursements, work experience wages, customized training, etc. and do not include any staff costs.

Note: For purposes of reporting the percentage of funds expended on training (35% WIA-funded training), training related expenditures such as supportive services are also reported as training costs.

Supportive Services
"Supportive services" are the direct costs of services provided to individuals to enable them to participate in the program or that are required for employment such as mileage reimbursements, car repairs, childcare and personal safety equipment.

Each program area (Adult, DLW, Youth, SRR) has a specific set of codes for reporting these expenditures, as identified on the WIA Codes Description page.

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