Tribal Contract Codes

FY2012 Child Care Administration Contract

Child Care Certification
CORe Contract Code Direct Cost Line Code Description Notes
0831 0831 Child Care Certification  
0831 0833 Child Care Certification Fees Collected (Neg)  

Child Care Fraud Prevention and Investigation Services
CORe Contract Code Direct Cost Line Code Description Notes
0840 0841 Child Care Fraud - Provider May not be used for any costs except fraud; use all of 0841/8841 and 0843/8843 before charging costs to 0846/8846 and 0847/8847.
0843 Child Care Fraud - Client

Child Care Administration, Operations and Eligibility
CORe Contract Code Direct Cost Line Code Description Notes
0852 0851 Child Care Operations Costs reported on these line codes are reimbursed on contract code 0852, subject to the contract limit.

The x846 and x847 line codes may only be used after contract code 0840 allocation is fully expended.
0850 Child Care Administration
0832 Child Care Eligibility & Redetermination
0846 Child Care Fraud - Provider
0847 Child Care Fraud - Client

FY2012 Child Welfare Contracts

Code Description
0700 TR Children First
0961 FS Agency Collections Take Back
0965 Food Stamp Agency Incentives
0971 AFDC Agency Collections Take Back
0975 AFDC Agency Incentives
5090 TR Best Outcomes for Indian Children
5102 TR Domestic Abuse /Children's Service
5104 TR Menominee Domestic Abuse Basic Services
5120 TR Tribe - Independent Living
5121 TR Education and Training
5140 TR Tribe-Domestic Abuse Shelter
5145 TR Domestic Abuse Supportive  Services
5301 TR Domestic Abuse - Family Services
5350 TR Child Welfare - Homeless Youth & Runaway
5377 TR Kinship Care Benefits
5380 TR Kinship Care & Long Term Care Assessments
5540 TR Brighter Futures Tribes
6530 TR Family Services
7334; 7335 TR MSL Adjustment
9006 Child Care Agency Collections Take Back
9025 Net Collections Activity-Summary

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