Other Contracts - Codes

If a code description is not included below, please contact the CORe Team or your Program Manager.

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Children's Trust Fund
 (Dept. of Children and Families)
Code Description Local Match Code
6069 CTF Child Abuse & Neglect CBCAP 9669
6070 CTF Child Abuse & Neglect - Birth Certificate Revenue 9670
6071 CTF Child Abuse & Neglect GPR 9671

Community Youth Grants
 (Dept. of Children and Families)
Code Description
4600 OTH Community Youth Grant Admin
4601 Community Youth Grants - Education Pre-Secondary
4602 Community Youth Grants - Education,  Secondary, & Post-Secondary
4603 Community Youth Grants - Job Related Training
4604 Community Youth Grants - Transportation
4605 Community Youth Grants - Parenting Skills
4606 Community Youth Grants - Personal Growth
4650 OTH Community Youth Grant Contract

Domestic Violence Services
(Dept. of Children and Families)
Code Description Local Match Code
5061 DV BMCW Multidisciplinary Team NA
5062 DV BMCW Domestic Violence Education NA
6000 DV Basic Services 9600
6005 DV Children's Programming 9605
6010 DV Outreach Office 9610
6015 DV Support Services 9615
6020 DV Under-represented Populations 9620
6025 DV Refugee Family Strengthening 9625
6030 DV Training & Technical Assistance 9630
6035 DV Special Populations 9635
6040 DV Special Projects NA
6045 DV Domestic Abuse in Later Life NA
6050 DV Safe Havens NA

Other Grants
(Dept. of Children and Families)
Code Description Local Match Code
0500 Transitional Jobs Demonstration Project (TJDP) Administration (Line Code and Contract Code) NA
1008 Milwaukee Home Visiting Program NA
1009 Milwaukee Home Visiting Training/Technical Assistance NA

Family Foundations Training/Technical Assistance


OTH UW Milwaukee Training Base Ops


OTH UW Milwaukee Training Base Aids


OTH UW Milwaukee Foster Parent Training


OTH UW Milwaukee Stipends - Payment line 1254 (36% federal) & 1255 (64% GPR)

1740 OTH Runaway Services Grant NA
1751 OTH Skills Enhancement - Administration NA
1752 OTH Skills Enhancement -Subcontracts NA
4037 OTH MCPS TPR Legal Services NA
4038 OTH MCPS Adoption D.A 9038
4039 OTH MCPS Foster Care D.A. 9039
4040 OTH MCPS Adoption/FC Payment Federal NA
4042 OTH Adoption Exchange Center NA
4043 OTH Recruitment and Support 9043
4044 OTH  Recruitment and Support Federal Share Contract Code NA
4045 OTH Foster Care/Adoption Public Awareness Campaign NA
5012 Head Start Collaboration NA
5070 OTH Strengthening Communities Fund Federal (Contract Code) 9973
5071 OTH Strengthening Communities Fund Federal-Regular Expenses 9973
5072 OTH Strengthening Communities Fund Federal- Subcontracts Expense 9973
6061 OTH Families Come First 9661
6818 OTH Post Adoption Resource Centers NA
7008 OTH Community Services Block Grant NA

Other Grants
 (Dept. of Workforce Development)
Code Description
1800 OTH Nursing Workforce Evaluation
1820 OTH Nursing Workforce Development
1900 OTH W3 Local Admin
1910 OTH W3 Program
1920 OTH W3 Weekly Stipend
7013 OTH Job & Business Development Program
9913 OTH Job & Business Development Local Share (Non-Reimbursable)

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