Child Care Codes

Child Care Interagency Agreement Funded Projects

Codes Description
5013 Early Childhood Tribal Initiative
5014 Early Childhood Learning Standards
5015 Early Childhood Programs and Family Engagement
5016 Early Childhood Workforce Professional Development
5017 Early Childhood Longitudinal Data System

Child Care Other

Codes Description
2312 Contracted Child Care
5020 Migrant Child Care
5022 CC Building Early Childhood System Capacity
5023 CC Building Early Childhood System Capacity Admin

CC Market Rate Survey

5025 CC Registry Software
5026 CC Registry Fee Offset
5027 CC MATC 2 to 3 Star Assistance
5028 CC Waisman Center
5030 CC ECAC ARRA Data Analyst
5032 Pre-Licensing Technical Assistance
5033 Child Care Pilot Demonstration Site
5034 Training and Technical Assistance - WMELS
5035 DPI Child Care Information Center
5036 Training and Technical Assistance - Quality Improvement
5037 Child Care Training MECA
5038 T&TA - Quality Improvement - Young Star
5039 CC Training and TA-Pyramid Model
5040 Intake and Orientation MECA
5043 CC ECAC ARRA DPI Data Analyst Position
5044 CC ECAC ARRA Contracted Activities

CC Young Star Consortium

5047 CC Race and Cultural Competency T&TA.
5051 CC Race to the Top Training and Technical Assistance
5052 CC TEACH  Race to the Top RTTT Funding  
5055 Child Care Earmarks Teach
5056 Tribal Training and Technical Assistance
5057 TA for ARRA Early Head Start Expansion 

Child Care Resource and Referral

Codes Description
5053 Child Care Resource & Referral
5054 Child Care Resource & Referral Local Match

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