CORe Reporting Instructions: WIA Administration

Report all expenditures relating to WDA and Job Center administration for the WIA formula grants for Youth, Adult and Dislocated Worker programs.

These are expenditures associated with the general administrative costs for the overall management and administration of the WIA program that are not directly related to the provision of services to participants. The definition of Administrative Costs can be found at 20 CFR 667.220.

Allowable expenditures include but are not limited to: the cost to provide general administrative services such as accounting, payroll, procurement, audit costs, general legal services, monitoring of administrative functions, information systems related to administrative functions, subcontracts for administrative services, local board functions, and the related costs of staff, rent, supplies, travel, supervision, management, and financial management. Costs may be personnel or non-personnel and direct or indirect.

Note: Administrative costs of subcontracts to provide program services are program costs and would not be reported under this code.

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