Reporting Instructions: CORe Code 8109

Cnty Alloc Non-Direct Costs – TANF Eligibility


Report all allocated non-direct costs related to expenditures identified in the reporting instructions for CORe code 2109, TANF Eligibility Reporting.

Each agency must have a reasonable cost allocation methodology in place that allocates Agency Management and Overhead and any other shared costs equitably across all federally and state funded programs that the agency administers.

Agencies may continue to use the TANF eligibility percentages posted on the web to calculate the TANF portion of the W-2 eligibility costs or they may use a more accurate cost allocation methodology developed and maintained by the agency. The TANF eligibility percentages posted on the web are based on recipient counts.

The amount reported on this code will be charged against your W-2 Administration funding, CORe Contract Code 2100.

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