Reporting Instructions: CORe Code 7480

Child Support - Application and Other Fee Income

IV-D application fee and other fees paid to the Child Support Agency (CSA) by participants.  These fees include but are not limited to IV-D application fees, vital record fees, process server fees, court costs, attorney costs, and miscellaneous costs or fees. 

Fees may be collected in cash by the CSA, or may be collected by the Support Collections Trust Fund and applied to KIDS system-level accounts, which are payable to the county.   Checks to counties are issued by KIDS at the end of each month.  The end-of month check is mailed to counties with the corresponding D562 Report, also available on EOSP.  Collections applied to KIDS system-level accounts paid to counties in month-end checks that must be reported on this line are: 100-Process Service Costs, 101-Vital Statistics Costs, 103-Court Costs, 104-Attorney Costs, and 105-Miscellaneous Costs.

Updated February 25, 2014
 Division of Administrative Services
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