Reporting Instructions: CORe Code 5020

Migrant Child Care

UMOS, the designated Migrant Child Care provider is responsible to provide child care for children of migrant workers.  UMOS reports all cost of providing Migrant Child Care on CORe Line Code 5020 and through the following Class Codes:

CORe Line Code Name Program Code Class Code Line Code
Migrant Child Care - Salaries & Fringe Benefits 5020 40 2-5020
Migrant Child Care - Child Care Contracts 5020 19 2-5020
Migrant Child Care - Other Costs 5020 21 2-5020
Migrant Child Care - Administrative Costs 5020 43 2-5020

Salaries and Fringe Benefits:

Child Care Contracts:

Other Costs:

Indirect Costs are included in the above costs in accordance with the federal indirect cost rate established for UMOS.

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