Reporting Instructions: CORe Code 4076

Shared Costs Report: Agency Management, Support and Overhead

Agency Management, Support and Overhead (AMSO) are costs incurred for common or joint purposes that cannot be specifically identified to a particular program but are applicable to all programs.  In the Random Moment Sampling (RMS) environment, AMSO is overhead plus indirect costs related to the operation of the county agency responsible for the administration of IM and/or W2 programs.

AMSO costs are those that support the entire agency and may include:

The IM/W2 share of AMSO is determined based on the quarterly Employee Count Report, and the CORe system automatically rolls the amount allocated to IM/W2 to Line Code 4320.

Contact the RMS Administrator to discuss alternatives if allocation of AMSO using Employee Counts does not appropriately distribute these costs to programs.  A key factor in considering alternatives is that like costs must receive consistent treatment.


Updated February 25, 2014
 Division of Administrative Services
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