Reporting Instructions: W2 2013 CORe Code 2312

Contracted Child Care


Report all approved Contracted Child Care expenses per the approved application and budget approved by the Division of Family and Economic Supports (DFES). Included are costs of child care staff and other costs as described in the approved application.

The Contracted Child Care costs include the cost of the on-site child care or the cost to maintain a paid slot(s) with a regulated child care provider. The costs must be related to providing child care for children whose parents are W-2 applicants or W-2 eligible parents. The parent must be involved in applying for W-2, an appointment with their FEP or other W-2 worker, or participating in W-2 assigned activities.

The costs to provide child care for children whose parents are not W-2 applicants or W-2 eligible parents must not be charged to this CORe code or to the W-2 contract. W-2 Contractors must have established processes to allocate costs to other programs to pay for the child care costs for children of non-W-2 parents. This allocation process is described in the approved application. 



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