Reporting Instructions: CORe Code 2304

W-2 Job Access Loans

2304 Reporting Code End Date is 07/31/2009

Through the July 2009 CORe report month:

Report the amount of all Job Access Loans disbursed to meet expenses related to obtaining or maintaining employment as defined in W-2 policy. This transaction must also be recorded in CARES in order for the Benefit Recovery System to automatically send monthly payment statements, dunning notices, and to process tax intercept if necessary.

Examples of Job Access Loans may be loans issued for car purchases or repair, special work clothing or tools.

Agencies will have one additional month to reconcile their CORe reported JAL expenditures with their General Ledger.  All JAL expenditures incurred through 07/31/2009 must be reported on a Revised July 2009 CORe report by 09/30/2009.  CORe will REPLACE the previously submitted July report with the Revised July report so all July expenditures must be resubmitted.

Beginning with the August 2009 CORe report month

Job Access Loan issuance will be processed centrally through CARES effective 08/03/2009.  W-2 Agencies will no longer report JAL expenditures for reimbursement.  All JAL expenditures beginning with the August 2009 CORe report month will be uploaded to CORe.  (See CORe Code 2303)

CORe Contract Code 2304

W-2 Job Access Loans


Costs reported on the following CORe codes will roll up to this contract code for payment and will be reimbursed (if reported on a reimbursable code) subject to contract limits:

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