Reporting Instructions: CORe Code 2241

Emergency Assistance (EA) Case Management/Other Services

Report all Emergency Assistance case management and any other services, in accordance with the Department's policies and procedures.

The following are examples of activities that are considered EA case management and are to be reported under this code.

The purpose of these activities is to ensure that the eviction or foreclosure action does not proceed, that housing is secured, and/or that the emergency is resolved within the program policies and procedures.

Gathering the following information is considered EA eligibility determination and is to be reported under code 2110 EA Eligibility Reporting:

  1. Time limit - an Emergency Assistance (EA) payment has not been made to the caretaker relative during the past twelve months;
  2. A dependent child resides in the home;
  3. There is an eligible emergency; and
  4. Available income and assets do not meet the total needs.

See the W-2 Manual for policy information on Emergency Assistance (EA), including EA group/eligible household members, EA needs including monthly needs and physical needs, available assets and income, EA payment amount and assistance provided.

See CORe Code 2110 for Emergency Assistance (EA) Eligibility Reporting and CORe Code 2328 for Emergency Assistance (EA) Payments.

Note: Emergency Assistance and Emergency Payments are two different programs. This code is exclusively for Emergency Assistance services as described in the W-2 Manual. See code 2217 for more information on Emergency Payments, also described in the W-2 Manual.

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