Reporting Instructions: W2 2013 CORe Code 2225

JAL Case Management

Report all costs related to case management and other services for the Job Access Loan (JAL) program. JAL case management and other services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Coordination with other local, state and federal programs to obtain resources for the JAL applicant;
  2. Determining the JAL amount for the applicant;
  3. Contact with vendors to arrange for services for the applicant;
  4. Establishing the JAL repayment schedule for the applicant;
  5. Processing JAL repayments;

  6. Referring JAL cases for collection.
Note: Include the costs of direct service staff and supervisor salary, fringe benefits, direct operational costs (such as supplies, rent, computer costs, utilities, etc.) and indirect costs (such as allocated share of agency management) for staff providing Job Access Loan Case Management services.JAL eligibility determination costs are reported under CORe Code 2109. JAL payments are issued from CARES. JAL repayments are reported under CORe Code 2305.


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