Reporting Instructions: DCF CORe Code 2217

W-2 Emergency Payments

Report all W-2 Emergency Payments, in accordance with the Department's Policies and Procedures.

W-2 Emergency Payments are for eligible W-2 participants who are waiting for their first W-2 benefits payment. Emergency Payments are one-time payments designed to meet a W-2 participant's emergency financial need at the outset of a W-2 case, and are not an additional CSJ or W-2 T benefit.

See the W-2 Manual for policy information on Emergency Payments, including purpose, timeframes for payments, what Emergency Payments may be used for, payment amounts, frequency, etc.

Note: Emergency Payments and Emergency Assistance Payments are two different programs. This code is exclusively for Emergency Payments as described in the W-2 Manual. See code 2328 for more information on Emergency Assistance, also described in the W-2 Manual.

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