Reporting Instructions:  DCF CORe Code 2215

W-2 Transportation

Report any transportation related costs in this code for W-2 eligible participants obtaining W-2 support under the following CORe codes.

This includes the value of W-2 transportation services such as transportation allowances, bus tokens, van services, etc. provided to W-2 paid and W-2 case management only placements or post W-2 participating employed families and which is provided as a non-reoccurring, short-term (4 consecutive months or less), benefit.

In more remote areas, if a W-2 agency or local partner agency cannot obtain any form of public transportation service and elects to operate a van shuttle service for short term assistance of W-2 eligible participants in complying with required W-2 work activities, they will use a uniform mileage rate not to exceed the current State allowed mileage rate or a uniform flat rate charge per W-2 person, both of which consider all vehicle use and maintenance costs. No separate reimbursement for vehicle purchase, damage, insurance, maintenance, etc. is allowed in this CORe profile. Mileage rate charges should be applied per trip mileage versus per person when multiple W-2 participants ride together in the same trip. Also, mileage rate charges should be adjusted proportionally for W-2 and non-W-2 users, if the vehicle transports both W-2 eligible and non W-2 eligible persons in the same trip.


  1. Transportation costs for FSET participants should be reported on CORe Code 2232.
  2. Transportation costs for medical related W-2 Work Activities (e.g. medical appointment) should first be checked with the local IM agency to see if the cost is covered under the Medicaid (MA) program. If transportation for the medical related work activity can be paid under the MA program, it should not be charged to this CORe code. Instead, the local IM agencies should be contacted to provide assistance on coordinating approval and transportation for MA paid transportation services under their IM agency reporting CARS Profile #131.

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