Reporting Instructions: DCF CORe Code 2212

Wisconsin Works (W-2) Retention and Advancement Services

Report job retention and advancement costs related to W-2 eligible parents placed in Unsubsidized Employment and receiving case management only services. These services may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Providing case management needed to encourage and support job retention and advancement
  2. Providing guidance in career decision making skills;
  3. Exploring career options;
  4. Identifying further education and training needs, e.g. drivers education, English-as-a-Second Language and obtaining a high school diploma;
  5. Updating a resume;
  6. Developing networking skills;
  7. Providing job survival/retention techniques.
  8. Providing information regarding community resource links, voluntary post-secondary education and job skill development training,
  9. Referring for Job Access Loan (JAL), Wisconsin Shares Child Care, FoodShare and BadgerCare;
  10. Referring to other work programs, such as Food Share Employment and Training Program or Workforce Investment Act (WIA) programs.

CARES activity codes associated with these services include: Job Retention Services (JR), Mentor/Coach (MN), Employer Intervention Services (EI), and Career Advancement Services (CR)

Note: Include the costs of direct service staff and supervisor salary, fringe benefits, direct operational costs (such as supplies, rent, computer costs, utilities, etc.) and indirect costs (such as allocated share of agency management) for staff providing retention and advancement services.

Transportation costs for retention and advancement services are reported on CORe Code 2215 W-2 Transportation. Supportive services costs for retention and advancement services are reported on CORe Code 2224W-2 Supportive Services.

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