Reporting Instructions: DCF W2 2013 CORe Code 2210

W-2 Job Skills Training

Report costs associated with short-term job skills training for career focused training programs such as vocational training classes and pre-vocational or bridge training focused on specific industry sectors. These training programs must be tied directly to employment or occupations for which there are immediate job openings in the community such as: basic welding: keyboard/data entry; certified nursing assistants; utility installation; office software; food preparation; electronic assembly; child care; press production; entrepreneurial/small business; and hospitality training.

CARES activity codes associated with these services include: Job Skills Training (JS), Technical College Activities (TC), Vocational Adult Basic Education (VA), Vocational English-as-a-Second Language (VE), and Vocational Literacy Skills(VL).

Note: Include the costs of direct service staff and supervisor salary, fringe benefits, direct operational costs (such as supplies, rent, computer costs, utilities, etc.) and indirect costs (such as allocated share of agency management) for staff providing W-2 job skills training.

Transportation costs for jobs skills training are reported on CORe Code 2215 W-2 Transportation. Supportive services costs for job skills training are reported on CORe Code 2224 W-2 Supportive Services.

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