Reporting Instructions: W2 2013 DCF CORe Code 2208

W-2 Work Activities

Report costs for W-2 eligible parents who have been placed in a W-2 employment position or are receiving case management services for the following activities:

  1. Providing W-2 orientation, conducting informal assessments, developing an employability plan, administering the Barrier Screening Tool, determining the need for accommodations and support services, and providing appropriate case management.
  2. Drug tests required for applicants and eligible parents with a convicted drug felony.
  3. Conducting Fact Finding Reviews and participating in Administrative Hearings for W-2 eligible parents,
  4. Conducting individual and group job search, job readiness and motivation, job development, employment counseling, job clubs, dissemination of labor market information, services to develop employment retention skills.
  5. Assigning an individual to a work experience site, including, but not limited to, developing work experience sites, monitoring those sites, meetings with site supervisors to discuss participant progress, and related case management. Include costs associated with skills training directed by the work site employer.
  6. Assignment of an individual to a Trial Job or other subsidized employment, including associated costs such as identifying potential Trial Job employers, developing and administering contracts, and related case management. The actual Trial Job employer subsidy is reported on CORe Code 2220.
  7. Workers Compensation Insurance coverage for parents assigned to work experience.
  8. Providing parenting and life skills training such as: understanding and accepting parental responsibilities; strengthening parenting skills/understanding relationships; developing family budgets; learning about anger management/interpersonal skills; problem solving and decision making skills; family nutritional and household management; time management; understanding how to work with government, legal and school systems; understanding how to request reasonable accommodations; gaining knowledge of equal opportunity laws; selecting quality child care and planning for back-up child care for emergencies and when child or provider is sick; and developing appropriate personal grooming/dress.

Note: Include the costs of direct service staff and supervisor salary, fringe benefits, direct operational costs (such as supplies, rent, computer costs, utilities, etc.) and indirect costs (such as allocated share of agency management/overhead) for staff providing W-2 work activities.

Transportation costs for W-2 work activities are reported on CORe Code 2215 W-2 Transportation. Supportive services costs for W-2 work activities are reported on CORe Code 2224 W-2 Supportive Services.



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