Reporting Instructions: DCF W2 2013 CORe Code 2142

W-2 Client Fraud Prevention and Investigation


Report costs related to W-2 parent fraud prevention and investigation services. Examples of fraud prevention and investigation costs include:

  1. Reviewing W-2 parent data matches;
  2. Payment integrity monitoring;
  3. Fraud prevention efforts;
  4. Front End Verification
  5. Internal investigation services;
  6. Contracted investigation services;
  7. W-2 client overpayment determinations.
Note: Include the costs of direct service staff and supervisor salary, fringe benefits, direct operational costs (such as supplies, rent, computer costs, utilities, etc.) and indirect costs (such as allocated share of agency management) for staff providing fraud prevention and investigation.

The W-2 agency may conduct joint prevention and fraud investigation activities with income maintenance agencies and purchase fraud services from income maintenance agencies or fraud service providers. If the W-2 agency participates in joint fraud activities, the cost of the fraud activity must be divided equally among all benefiting programs that participated in the joint activity.

When asked by another agency, the W-2 agency should agree to a joint fraud investigation unless the potential fraud has no effect on W-2 eligibility. The W-2 agency should not stop or delay a W-2 fraud investigation if another agency does not agree to a joint fraud investigation.

Example 1: The fraud investigation is for a W-2 only or other agencies did not agree to the joint investigation.
The W-2 agency would charge the full cost of the investigation to this CORe Code.
Example 2: The fraud investigation was for a case that received multiple benefits and other agencies agreed to a joint investigation.
The benefits included FoodShare, Badger Care Plus, Shares Child Care, and W-2. The cost of the joint fraud investigation would be divided by four. One fourth (1/4th) of the fraud investigation cost would be charged to this CORe Code for the W-2 portion of the cost. The other agencies would charge the Child Care share of the joint investigation to the Child Care fraud contract and the FoodShare and Badger Care Plus shares to the Department of Health Services income maintenance fraud contract.

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