Reporting Instructions: DCF CORe Code 0851

Child Care Program Operations

Report direct costs for operation of the child care program.  Examples of eligible costs include:

1 Preparation for and attending judicial hearings are considered a program cost under Child Care Development Block Grants (CCDF).

The following costs should not  be included on this line code:

  • child care certification (see line codes 0831/8831),
  • eligibility (see line code 8203),
  • eligibility redetermination (see line codes 0832/8832),
  • child care fraud-provider (see line codes 0841/8841 and 0846/8846),
  • child care fraud-client (see line codes 0843/8843 and 0847/8847),
  • Costs reported on the County Shared Cost Report are not to be reported on this line code. Instead, these costs are reported on line code 8851/County Alloc Non-direct costs – CC Program Operations.

All Child Care Program Operations costs should be reported on this line code (0851). Line code 8851 is not available to tribes.

Updated February 25, 2014
 Division of Administrative Services
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