Reporting Instructions: DCF CORe Code 0831

Child Care Certification

Report direct costs for all costs associated with certification of child care providers. Examples of eligible costs include:

Report costs net of any fees collected from the child care provider for certification.

Do not include the following costs on this line code:

  • child care program operations (see line codes 0851/8851),
  • administration (see line codes 0850/8850);
  • eligibility (see line code 8203),
  • eligibility redetermination (see line codes 0832/8832),
  • child care fraud-provider (see line codes 0841/8841 and 0846/8846),
  • child care fraud-client (see line codes 0843/8843 and 0847/8847),

Costs reported on the County Shared Cost Report are not to be reported on this line code. Instead, these costs are reported on line code 8831/County Alloc Non-direct costs – CC Certification.

All Child Care Program Operations costs should be reported on line code 0851. Line codes 0831 and 8831 are not available to tribes.

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