Reporting Instructions: DCF CORe Code 0503

Transitional Jobs Demonstration Project (TJDP)

Transitional Work Costs

Report costs for TJDP other program costs for eligible participants (besides Transitional Work costs reported on CORe code 0502). Costs for TJDP other program costs include other program services such: 

  1.  Salaries and benefits for staff providing TJDP program services;
  2.  Salaries and benefits for staff providing direct administrative costs associated with providing TJDP program services, such as supplies, equipment, travel, postage, utilities, rental of office space and maintenance of office space;
  3.  Line staff and front line supervisor’s salary, fringe benefits, direct costs (such as supplies, rent, computer costs, utilities, etc.) and indirect costs (such as allocated share of direct supervision costs) for individuals involved in providing TJDP program services such as work activities and related supportive services costs;
  4. Program information;
  5.  Direct orientation services, including conducting informal screenings/assessments, and developing employment plans;
  6. Individual and group job search, job readiness and motivation, job development, employment counseling, dissemination of labor market information, and services to develop retention skills;
  7. Other employment activities and supports;
  8.  Post-subsidized transitional job services such as mentoring and monitoring of TJDP participants in unsubsidized employment
The costs reported on this CORE code will be charged against your TJDP Other Program CORe code 0503.

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