Reporting Instructions: DCF CORe Code 0502

Transitional Jobs Demonstration Project (TJDP)

Transitional Work Costs

Report costs for TJDP Transitional Jobs for eligible participants such as:

  1. Stipends for eligible TJDP participants who complete the TJDP orientation or a pre-designated portion(s) of the TJDP orientation;
  2. Wages for transitional work at $7.25 per hour for hours that eligible participants work;
  3. Wages for on-the-job training/education during the transitional job;
  4. Wages for education/training provided during the transitional job phase however not on-the job;
  5. Payroll taxes;
  6. Unemployment insurance
  7. Workers compensation insurance; and
  8. o Job supports such as uniform allowances, assistance in obtaining a driver’s license, and retention bonuses.
The costs reported on this CORE code will be charged against your TJDP Transistional Work funding CORe code 0502.

Updated February 25, 2014
 Division of Administrative Services
 Content Contact: DWD CORe Team