CORe Expenditure Report Procedures

If you have questions about these instructions or difficulties using any of the expenditure report forms, please contact a member of the CORe team.


Expenditure Report Forms

Your form will not properly upload into CORe if data is entered in incorrect cells.  DWD will return the report to the agency to revise.  It is the responsibility of the agency to quickly revise the form and resubmit the form to DWD, or payment may be delayed.

Header Information

In order for CORe to upload your report, accurate information must be entered in the highlighted cells:

Row Col A Col B Col C Col D Col E Col F
5 Agency Name Agency Contact Name Phone Number
6 Badger County Bucky Badger 608-999-9999
7 CORe Agency Code (2 digits, not your FEIN)   Email
8 99
9 FINAL REPORT: (Type YES or NO in cell A10) Reporting Month Year Fax
10 No Period 05 2007 608-999-9990

Please verify the following items on your report form's header:

Number Formats

Most line codes are reported as positive numbers.  If you are reporting any collection of fees or interest received, please report as negative numbers. These collections would reduce your state reimbursement.

See the CORe code descriptions for information on allowable costs.

Emailing Reports

  1. Before emailing your form to DCF or DWD, review your report and ensure your data is accurate.
  2. The file name and the email subject line must be labeled as follows: [2-digit Agency Code] [Agency Name] [Report Name] [Month] [Year]. For example:
    • R5 Jewish Family Ser REFU 03 2008
    • 8B Maximus W2 01 2008
    • 13 Dane Shared 01 2008
    • For WIA & related programs, include the week number, e.g.: AD Bay Area WIA Wk1 06 2008
    Also see suggested program prefixes below.
  3. Send only one worksheet per spreadsheet file. The CORe system cannot read multiple tabs in an Excel file.
  4. Only include one report in your email. While in the Excel expenditure report, you may click on File, Send To, Mail Recipient (as Attachment), and enter the appropriate email address.
  5. Email report to the DCF or DWD address, as listed at the bottom of the report form.

By emailing your completed report to DWD you are certifying that the expenditures identified in the report for federal and state reimbursement are true and correct in the amounts stated, have not been reimbursed previously and represent actual and necessary costs of administering provisions of the contract.

Summary of CORe Contract Terms

Suggested email prefixes and summary of special contract terms (subject to change as new contracts are issued):
Program Suggested Email Prefix Special Contract Terms Due Dates & Payments
Child Care CC  
Child Support CS  
W-2 and Related Programs W2 2 Prepayments on contracts
Shared Cost Report Shared Counties must submit to receive W2 reimbursement.  Due with monthly expenditure report.
Employee Count Report Count or EC Counties must submit to receive W2 reimbursement.  Due quarterly.
Tribes Tribe May opt to have 2 prepayments on contract
Community Services Block Grant CSBG May opt to have one 15% prepayment on contract
Domestic Violence DV May opt to have one 15% prepayment on contract
Refugee REFU May opt to have one 10% prepayment on contract
Runaway Services RS  
WIA (weekly) WIA  
Youth Apprenticeship YA  
Wisconsin Fast Forward FF  

September 22, 2014
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