CSA Random Moment Sampling WisLine

Recording of WisLine

Date:  Thursday, January 7, 2010, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

This WisLine introduces child support agencies (CSAs) and county finance department staff to new Random Moment Sampling (RMS) procedures that will capture and quantify IV-D, Qualifying Non-IVD, and Non-qualifying Non-IVD expenditures incurred by county child support agencies.

The RMS results will determine the ratios DCF will use to allocate the CSA’s Direct and Indirect costs, which will be reported to the federal government for child support reimbursement.

We will review which child support expenditures are eligible and not eligible for federal financial participation (FFP) reimbursement, and discuss new CORe reporting that will be used to capture and allocate CSA costs.

Effective February 1, 2010, BCS will implement the Random Moment Sampling (RMS) methodology. CSA workers who routinely perform Non-IVD work will be sampled. The results from February and March will be considered trial months, with full RMS federal reporting to begin April 1, 2010.

During January, additional child support bulletins and child support letters will be issued to clarify the CORE reporting policy and procedures for RMS.

Item Presenter
Welcome and Materials Review Troy Meyer
County Roll Call Carla Weber
Background Susan Pfeiffer
Review draft - CSB 10-01
  • Non-IV-D Activities Eligible and Not Eligible for Federal Financial Participation
Susan Pfeiffer
Badger County Example
  • BCS to prepare CSB with Instructions and CORe Lines
Susan Pfeiffer
RMS - County Preparation (Handout)
  • Spreadsheet of Staff/Contacts
  • BCS to Re-confirm RMS staff with all CSAs
  • DCF Finance - load CSA Staff Contact in RMS
Dianne Bahr
How it will work
  • Sample RMS Question
  • If no response . . . what happens?
  • What about breaks, vacations? etc.?
  • Changes to CORe – Future Wisline(s)
Becky Craig
County Roll Call - Follow-up Carla Weber

Additional Materials

Worker Table Summary (this is to be printed on legal size paper)


September 22, 2014
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