Procedures for Required County Reports

Counties are required to submit Employee Count Reports and Shared Cost Reports, in addition to their "direct cost" expenditure report forms.  Per contract terms, DCF will not make payments for the direct costs unless these reports are submitted timely to DCF. 

Employee Count Reports

Enter information in the following cells:

  1. Make sure Header information is complete.
  2. Under the Employee Count column, enter all applicable positions in cells F12 - F22. (Percentages to allocate AMSO will be calculated using the data reported beginning in row 13.)
  3. If you list any positions in the "All Other" line, list the breakdown of these positions in the box at the bottom of the form by clicking your mouse inside the box and typing data.  (cells B27 - B37)
  4. Complete the preparer's information in cells G27 - G36.
  5. Submit report by email to DCF and DHS.

Shared Cost Reports

Enter information in the following cells:

  1. Make sure Header information is complete.
  2. Line code 1-4076 (cell F21):
  3. Line code 1-4320 (cell F22): Include your costs in the IM/W2 Cost Pool.
  4. Submit report by email to DCF and DHS.

Remember:  RMS will not be used to reimburse the counties.  RMS is used for claiming federal dollars.  Your direct costs and county allocated costs are used to reimburse your expenses.

Emailing Reports

  1. Before emailing your form to DCF, review your report and ensure your data is accurate.
  2. Send only one worksheet per spreadsheet file.  The CORe system cannot read multiple tabs in an Excel file.
  3. Only include one report in your email.  While in the Excel expenditure report, you may click on File, Send To, Mail Recipient (as Attachment), and enter the appropriate email address.
  4. The file name and the email subject line must be labeled as follows: agency code, agency name, report name, month or quarter,  and year. For example:
    • 13 Dane Shared 03 2007
    • 15 Door EC Qtr 1 2007.xls
    • 72 Menominee FTE Count 01 2007.xls
  5. Email reports to both the and the DHS CARS addresses, as listed on the bottom of the form.

Reminder: If one agency asks you to update a report, you must send the revised report to both agencies.

If you have questions about these instructions or difficulties using any of the expenditure report forms, please contact a member of the CORe team.

September 22, 2014
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