Submitting Final 2013 CORe/CARS REPORTS

CARS and CORe Reporting

Applies to all shared cost and direct cost reporting, including AMSO and the IM/W2 Cost Pool. It is especially important that these reports be accurate and timely to ensure appropriate federal claiming.

Report Name Send to DHS Send to DCF Replace Adjust Final Due Date
(FIS 13591-E) Also see below.
X X X   03/31/2015
F-80600, Human Services Programs  X     X 03/25/2015
F-80600, IM-RMS Income Maintenance X     X 03/25/2015
F-80600, IM-RMS Direct Expense
X     X 03/25/2015
DCF PROGRAMS,  Child Care, Child Welfare, and  other contracts ended 12/31/2014   X X   03/31/2015

The following requirements apply to the DCF/DHS Shared Cost Expenditure Report (FIS-13591-E):

  1. Initial December reports should have been submitted by January 28, 2015.
  2. If changes are needed, submit a final report by March 31, 2013.  Final reports submitted MUST REPLACE THE DECEMBER REPORT SUBMITTED IN JANUARY. This means that the entire report must be resubmitted.
  3. Clearly label each replacement report as �Final� by entering �YES� in the Final Report field.
  4. Since these reports are submitted electronically, indicate that they are final reports in the subject line of the email transmitting the reports to DCF and DHS.  (i.e., The subject line of the email should be: Agency Number Agency Name Shared 12 2014 Final.)

Please contact  Debe Lavasseur (608/267-9577) for IM-RMS direct reporting questions. Contact either Debe or Sue Losen (608/266-7915) for questions related to the IM/W2 Shared Cost Expenditure Report.

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