Information for W-2 Private Agencies regarding the IM/W-2 Common Code and Effort Reporting

  1. If the family or individual is not specific regarding which programs they are applying for, record your time to the IM/W-2 Programs (Common).
    • As a general rule of thumb, tasks that you are performing during screening, client registration and beginning application entry up to Requests for Programs of Assistance screens in CARES Worker Web (CWW) or ACPA in CARES should be recorded as IM/W-2 Programs (Common).
    • After you reach screen ACPA, you should record your time to the specific programs the client is applying for.
  2. If the client indicates specific programs for which they are applying, record your time to these programs, even for eligibility.
    • For W-2 and Child Care eligibility, time can be recorded to an eligibility cost pool. The eligibility percentages posted to the website should be used to allocate these costs to the appropriate line code
    • After you reach AGEC in the CARES system, use the appropriate program code(s) to record your time.

IM/W-2 Programs (Common) Program Code:

Eligibility Determination and Redetermination (Common Items) Activity Code:

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