Early Reimbursement for Emergency Assistance (EA)


EA is available to eligible families facing a current emergency due to fire, flood, natural disaster, energy crisis, homelessness, or impending homelessness, including homelessness or impending homelessness due to domestic violence. Previously the timeframe for EA eligibility due to homelessness or impending homelessness was once within thirty-six (36) months. The timeframe for EA eligibility due to fire, flood, natural disaster, energy crisis or homelessness due to domestic violence was once within twelve (12) months.

2005 Wisconsin Act 25 amended Wis. Statute 49.138(1m) to change the timeframe for EA eligibility for homelessness or impending homelessness to a twelve (12) month timeframe.

New Policy Effective July 27, 2005: As a result of the 2005 Wisconsin Act 25 changes, families who are homeless or facing impending homelessness may be eligible for EA after twelve (12) months since any previous EA payment for fire, flood, natural disaster, energy crisis, homelessness or impending homelessness.

Potential Impact on Cash Flow & Process for Early Reimbursement of EA Expenses

W-2 Contract agencies only receive advance payments on their Administration and Services allocations for their W-2 Base Contract. Advance payments are not received for any Related Programs funding. The EA policy change could potentially result in cash flow problems for some agencies.

To provide some relief for those agencies who do experience cash flow problems, we are allowing agencies to submit ONLY their EA Expenditures prior to the due date for the monthly expense report to receive early reimbursement for these expenses.

For example, January expenditures are due by February 28th and paid by March 5th. Agencies have the option of submitting a January expense report by 01/28 for those EA expenses that have been paid out through 01/28. These expenses will be paid to the agency by 02/05. Then, when the full January expense report is submitted by 02/25 all January EA expenditures must be included on this report as CORe will replace what was already submitted for January expenditures with the expenditures submitted by 02/28. CORe will calculate the January reimbursement and subtract from it the amount already reimbursed for EA. If an agency does not include the EA expenses previously submitted they will be shorted by the amount of the early reimbursement for EA expenses.


In summary, an agency who is experiencing cash flow problems due to EA expenditure outlays may receive early reimbursement for EA expenditures. All EA expenditures paid out and submitted by 4:30 CT on the 28th day of the current month will be paid by the 5th day of the following month. These expenditures must be included on the full expense report for that month which is due by 4:30 CT on the 28th day of the following month to avoid being underpaid by the amount of the early reimbursement.

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