Reporting Instructions: WIA Adult

Report all program expenditures relating to providing program services for WIA eligible adults under the adult formula funded (WIA Title 1B) program for the purpose of providing eligible adults with services that assist in achieving academic and employment success by improving education/skill competencies and providing effective connections to employers.

Costs may be personnel and non-personnel; direct and indirect.  Expenditures may include:

Effective with the ARRA contracts in calendar year 2009, expenditures must be reported on the following expenditure line codes - which the CORe system will total to the summary 2XXX contract code for WIA Adult:

Description ARRA Code FY10 Code
Core & Intensive Services 2981 2015
Training Services 2982 2016
Supportive Services 2983 2017
Needs Related Payments 2984 NA

Updated April 09, 2013
 Division of Administrative Services
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