State County Social or Human Services Contract  Codes

Line Codes Description County Match Code Contract
Over Contract
3306 Promoting Safe and Stable Families NA 3306moved to 3561

Alternative Response Initiative

NA 3312not paid
3314 Education and Training Scholarship NA 3314not paid
3324 Adam Walsh Foster/Adoptive Parent Fingerprinting NA 3324moved to 3561
3335 Early Childhood Initiative NA 3335not paid
3346 CQI Case Review Related Expenses (no funding available-Budget required NA 3346not paid
3360 IV-E Youth Independent Living 9360 3360moved to 3561
3365 Foster Home Continuation 3365 3365not paid
3377 Kinship Care Program-Benefits NA 3377not paid
3380 Kinship Care Program-Assessments NA 3380not paid
3395 Foster Parent Competency Based Training 9396 3396not paid
3398 Education and Training Vouchers 9398 3398moved to 3561
3415 Foster Care Administration NA 3561moved to 3681
3540 Brighter Futures Initiative NA 3540moved to 3561
3553 CHIPS Legal Report 9574 3554not paid
3561 Children and Families Allocation CFA 9681 3561
moved to 3681
3573 TPR Adoption Services 9574 3574not paid
3601 WISACWIS Related Program Staff 9604 3604not paid
3602 WISACWIS Related IT Staff-County and Contracted 9604 3604not paid
3603 WISACWIS Related Equipment 9604 3604not paid
3610 Meth Grant Collaborative NA 3610not paid
3611 County Data Leadership Initiative NA 3611not paid
3612 DSP In Home Safety Services NA3612not paid
3613 CW Permanency Round Tables NA3613not paid
na Children and Families Allocation Match 9681368150% of 3561 over contract amount
3935 CW WISACWIS Annual Operation Maintenance FeeNA3935Uncapped deduction
5102 Domestic Abuse Program NA 5102not paid
Line Codes Description for Information Only Code
County Match Code Contract
3301 Social Services Cost Pool - Information Only Code NA9300
3321 IV-E Eligibility Determination - Information Only Code NA 9300
3329 Child Placing Agency -County - Information Only Code NA 9300
3683 Social Services Indirect - Information Only Code NA9300