ASSET Users' Guide Index

ASSET Updates

Each time new or modified functionality is released in the production ASSET system, information about the changes included in the given release is posted in a technical bulletin, which users can locate via the ASSET Infoline.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

This chapter of the Guide covers all the information about becoming an ASSET user and other details about the system

Chapter 1 (All Sections)
  1-1  Overview
1-2 DET Security Procedures for ASSET Access
1-3 ASSET Sign On
1-4 Changing Your Password

1-5 System Time Out
1-6 ASSET Staff Information
1-7 ASSET Staff Search Function

Chapter 2 - Overview

The Overview chapter is to familiarize the ASSET user with the structure of the ASSET and how to move through the system.

Chapter 2 (All Sections)
  2-1 Presentation of ASSET Information
2-2 Navigation within ASSET
2-3 Organization of Program Information

Chapter 3 - Case Management Functions

The purpose of this chapter is to provide the ASSET user with the detailed description of each function in Case Management, including how the worker uses ASSET to documents the services and customer information necessary for program management and federal reporting

Chapter 3 (All Sections)
  3-1 Structure of System Functions
3-2 Manage Customer
3-3 Manage Employment
3-4 Manage Assessments
3-5 Manage Employability Plans
3-6 Manage Programs

3-7   Manage Services
3-8   Manage Exits
3-9   Manage Follow-Up
3-10  Mange Customer Notes

Chapter 4 - Other Functions

This chapter explains the policy and process to be used when submitting data change requests to ASSET and the process for matching an ASST customer to job orders listed on Job Center of Wisconsin (JCW)

Chapter 4 (All Sections)
  4-1 Staff Requests
4-2 ASSET Job Matching Function

Chapter 5 - System Reports

Available in ASSET are reports that run in real-time. The list below provide instructions, by topics, on accessing those real-time reports.

Chapter 5 (All Sections)
  5-1 Customer Summary Report
5-2 Customer Notes
5-3 Customer  Employment History
5-4 Veterans Report
5-5 Case Managed Veterans
5-6 Youth Individual Service Strategy
5-7 Ineligible Youth Participants
5-8 Exit Warning Report
5-9 Exited Report
5-10 Case Managed DOC/CDP

5-11 Case Load Report
5-12 Employment Plan
5-13 UI Participant  Report
5-14 Supplemental Data Report
5-15 TAA Financial Plan
5-16 Workshop Roster
5-17 TAA Waiver Deadline
5-18 Literacy/Numeracy Warning Report
5-19 TAA Work Authorization Expired


Appendix 01 - Frequently Asked Policy Questions about ASSET Fields and Reporting Requirements


When you have completed using ASSET, click on the "Exit ASSET". This closes the ASSET application and returns a page with a link to the DWD homepage. You may either click on this link or close the browser from this page. As a good security practice, closing the browser is the preferred way to ensure that your have completely left the ASSET system.

Posting Tools

Workshop Posting. The function is used by designated Re-employment Services Staff (RES)to locate or add a Workshop Search. These functions and are visible on the ASSET menu to staff that are designated as RES Administrators, Case Managers, and Receptionists. RES staff can create and make changes to workshops, and update the Roster as needed.

Workshop Roster Update. The Roster is used by RES staff to make changes or to inactivate a scheduled workshop. This function provides staff the ability to conduct a Search for workshops that may be available in their respective areas. The Workshop Search is conducted by selecting the Workshop Type, Availability and Office Site.

Administration Tools

This function is available only to specified State and local staff who have authority to perform administrative functions on the system. This option is not active for the majority of ASSET users, and will not appear on their menu tree.

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