Part 2: To Reapply for Benefits

When to Apply

When to Apply: You must file an initial claim application in the first week you want to receive an unemployment payment or within 7 days of the end of that calendar week. If you wait to file your claim, you could lose benefits. Your claim does not start until you apply and benefits will not be paid for earlier weeks. The initial claim application is filed in the following situation: 

If Your Application Raises an Eligibility Question

If any of your answers on your Internet or telephone application raise a question about whether you can be paid benefits, you may be scheduled for a fact-finding interview or be contacted by telephone or mail.

You must contact or provide information to the department if told to do so, even though your application is considered complete and accepted. If you do not take part in a fact-finding investigation, you could lose benefits.

Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA)

The Federal Trade Act was established for workers who lose their jobs due to elements of foreign trade, such as imports or off shoring and includes paying for training, finding new jobs, and paying weekly benefits.

Federal law mandates strict deadlines for receiving benefits and services available from the Trade Program. To be eligible for weekly TRA benefits, you must be enrolled in or waived from TAA training within 26 weeks of the certification date of the Department of Labor petition or within 26 weeks of your last day of work at the Trade certified employer, whichever is later. Failure to meet deadlines can result in the loss of TRA payments. For further information, visit

Updated: December 10, 2015

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